PT. Taramadina Indah Jaya is one of the moving company in the field of Job Development Services which is prepared to assist the fulfillment of the human resources needed by the company in the field of hygiene. Besides, also the world of industry today in demand capable of producing a quality product, kwantitasnya able to compete in the market and can satisfy customers / consumers, then this is where the quality of human resources is one of the main factors to produce these excellent products. This is where the role of cleanliness in the environment of the company is very supportive of the achievement because with a clean environment it will make the work become more healthy and comfortable. The activities of company leaders, especially the managers of the company is very solid, especially to recruit prospective workers to fill vacant vacancy positions in the company this is very much time consuming, hence the service user company can choose and get the candidate manpower the company needs through A Worker Service Provider (PPJP) or Company Outsourcing Company is very supportive of the company's operational activities with more time savings, faster and anytime the need for manpower can be fulfilled in a short time, precise and efficient.

Management PT. Taramadina Indah Jaya will assist in realizing the wishes of the company by participating in preparing human resources in the field of professional hygiene and ready to use with a good work ethic, loyalty to the company. Management PT. Taramadina Indah Jaya expressed gratitude for the trust and good cooperation and success always in the future.

Best Regards,
PT. Taramadina Indah Jaya



President Director